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"We are not trying to be the biggest transportation company we are trying to be the best one"


Confides doo is a transportation and logistics company based in Belgrade Serbia. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and it is reached through waste experience of our staff in organizing and realization of our clients transportation needs. Great independence and stability of our company is our main advantages in today’s fast changing market. We are not trying to be the biggest transportation company we are trying to be the best one!

Our core business is truck transportation (full truck load and part truck loads) from and to EU countries. Also we can, at any time, organize transportation form and to any destination in a world, any kind of shipment, providing you with best possible option for your needs by air-transport, see-transport or railway-transport.

We have our partners in many different countries on 6 continents providing services for you on best possible way. There for we can say that we can respond properly on your every demand.

if you are looking for truck transport, container transport, transport by air or railroad for complete or collective shipments we can do it for you.

Confides doo is also providing special transportation services such as ADR transports (transport of dangerous goods), transport of great value goods with escort, refrigerated transport (controlled temperature regime) by road, air, see or railway.

For all our clients we can also organize warehouses and forwarding services in Serbia or some of the EU countries. Complete logistic service for your company.

If your company has a need for transport of the goods please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, Skype or telephone – we are here for you.


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